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Gloria Grove - Interior Design Consultant for Omaha NE

Gloria’s Elegant Interiors and Consulting Award Winning Interior Designer in Omaha, Specializing in Interior Design, Remodeling, Window Treatments and Custom Draperies Omaha, NE

Voted Best Interior Design in 2004 by Remodel Omaha Tour Photos Courtesy of Heartland Photos & Design

As a renown interior designer for over twenty years, people consult Gloria for virtually every type of design and remodeling project imaginable. Especially famous for her keen use of red tones, Gloria’s passionate nature shows through her exquisite designs.

If you have taken a glimpse at some of Gloria’s extravagant projects, notice how she has mastered the artistic ability to enliven a room. With skillful implementation of lighting and color, Gloria can completely transform the ambiance of your home.

Gloria has not only perfected the art of interior design, she is an expert consultant who will help bring your personal vision to life. She loves working with inspired clients who are curious about how a full remodel can enhance the beauty of their homes.

Various completed projects within her extensive portfolio have been formally awarded, including her famous “Red Room”, which won the Omaha Remodel Tour in 2004. For this reason, both new and returning clients call upon Gloria for her professional advice and services.

An Award-Winning Interior Designer

With decades of interior design experience, Gloria Groves has spent this time perfecting her signature design techniques that produce dazzling results. Scrupulous attention to detail is applied to every aspect of each project, down to the smallest detail. Gloria, along with her team of licensed artisans and craftsmen, combine design elements like color coordination, arrangement, space, light utilization and more to transform any space into something truly magnificent.

Please explore the rest of this site to enjoy a sampling of exquisite designs, and discover why Gloria’s Elegant Interiors won Omaha Magazine’s “Best of Omaha” 3 years in a row! Take a look, then give us a call to discuss your residential or commercial project.

Whether you are looking for a full redesign of a room, several rooms, or your entire home or office, Gloria supervises everything and works closely with contractors to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly. We only work with licensed and insured professionals, so our customers can rest assured throughout their experience with us.

Expert Remodeler

Customers who want to venture beyond a simple interior redesign may be intrigued by Gloria’s expert remodeling services. We offer a wide range of comprehensive remodeling services, including:
  • Thorough consultations – Gloria will provide her customers with ideas, critiques, and plans for transforming your space.
  • Complete building layout – By working closely with home builders and craftsmen when designing the interior of a client’s future home, Gloria is able to tell the client’s story by portraying individual style and taste.
  • Custom design –  Gloria’s eclectic portfolio of custom designs serves as an excellent starting point for clients who are unsure about what style will best suit their home. If you have been inspired by the interior design of a room you have seen, Gloria will gladly seek unique and elegant pieces to fulfill your vision.
  • Color coordination – The perfect combination of color and lighting can bring elegance to any space. Gloria specializes in this area, and will suggest various color palettes to add subtle or bright accents throughout your home.
  • Furniture advice – Gloria can suggest a wide array of furniture samples to beautifully accent your home. From bold and bright to simple and contemporary, she will find eloquent pieces that tell your story.
Gloria has extensive experience remodeling every type of room imaginable. We offer kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basements, foyer remodels, and more. Whether it is the lavish elegance of traditional or the artful lines of contemporary, from the peaceful to the bold, or something in between, Gloria is ready work with you to create your passion.
So . . . whether decorating a Home or Business, we’re proud to ensure the
highest level of quality and interior designs available on the market.

Call today for your personal consultation and let
Gloria create a dream-come-true for you!

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